It is a legal requirement to provide your female clientele or staff with a safe and clean space to dispose of their sanitary waste. It is vital in maintaining a hygienic organization and clean washroom atmosphere.

As an owner of a business or somebody who oversees this area of the organization, you must follow the sanitary waste disposal regulations so that your company fulfils its obligations with:

– Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act. No. 8 of 1999.

– Occupational Safety and Health Act, No. 15 of 2007

Do I need to provide Sanitary bins?

Any women that visit your premises whether that be employees or customers, must be provided with sanitary bins in safe, accessible and hygienic areas of your washroom.

As well as providing these sanitary bins, The Environmental management and co-ordination Act dictates that any sanitary waste must be managed up until the waste has been disposed of. This means that your organization cannot be responsible for disposing of the sanitary waste. Therefore, only a licensed carrier of sanitary waste can be responsible for this. At First Class we are fully licensed to service your sanitary products and dispose of your sanitary waste in a discreet and hygienic way.

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