In addition to adhering to the office cleaning duties listed below, you and your employees should sit down and agree on a plan to keep each office (or cubicle) on the premises organized. As a general rule, you and your employees should try to keep clutter off of desks and limit the number of personal items you keep in your offices. Additionally, everyone should agree to eat in the office kitchen rather than at their desks; this will help to prevent food-related mess from spreading and therefore lower the risk of mould growth and pest infestation. Here are the areas to handle on a weekly basis preferably weekends;

-Give the windows a thorough clean and polish hard surfaces throughout the office.

-Polish the doorknobs.

-Vacuum out any dust that has accumulated in the air vents.

-Blow the dust out of electronic equipment with a can of compressed air.

-Scrub out the toilets.

-Clean out the fridge, throwing away any old food and wiping out the interior thoroughly.

As a final note, remember that even if you and your employees decide to do your own office cleaning, you will still need to hire a professional cleaning service to steam clean your carpets at least twice a year. Consumer-grade steam cleaners are not sufficient to remove deeply-entrenched mould spores, dirt particles, and allergens from your office’s carpets.

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