While team-building activities might seem cliché, they’re still a very popular and effective way to improve interpersonal relations, define team roles, and encourage collaboration and cooperation among employees.

Types of team-building activity to consider include:

Problem-solving activities — Your team is set a challenge, such as to build a survival shelter from limited resources, and must work together to develop a plan and achieve the goal together.

Goal-setting activities — Team members are asked to plan a project, including defining the outcomes and measures of success, to promote the importance of clear team goals.

Role-based activities — Employees are each given a clearly-defined role within a team-based challenge, to emphasize the importance of focusing on one’s own role in achieving a team goal.

Communication-based activities — Employees are challenged to achieve a team goal through communication, such as designing and delivering a group presentation, to emphasize the importance of interpersonal skills

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