It is a common routine first to clean the surface and then apply the sanitizing solution. There are several chemicals used when it comes to sanitization, all of which are effective in their way. The most common chemicals used contain chlorine, for example, sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite. Spraying chlorine gas is also a good sanitization technique.

When using sanitizers, you should follow instructions to the latter to ensure the effectiveness of the product. Thus, the microorganisms will be killed indeed within seconds of the application. Another effective method of sanitization is wiping surfaces with quaternary ammonium compounds (not the same as ammonia).

Commonly Used Sanitization Products

Many products are routinely used for sanitizing. Here are the common ones:

  • Bleaching agents – Widely used for both sanitization and disinfection, only that they are used at a lower concentration when sanitizing. Bleaching agents destroy the membranes of the microorganisms.
  • Soap – Used to wash utensils, hands, and surfaces.
  • Quaternary ammonium compounds – Used on surfaces to get rid of bacteria. It also destroys the membranes of the microorganisms.