What is Sanitary Waste?

Sanitary Waste in Nairobi is any waste that could affect hygiene or health. Sanitary bins service company in Nairobi are a necessity in any germ-free washroom. They are easy to miss but without them your washroom becomes a significantly different place. At Hygiene Solutions we offer a cost-effective sanitary waste service which is personalized to you.

Why is Sanitary Waste important?

Accommodating for your staff or customer’s basic human rights is your duty by law. However, by creating an environment where staff and customers feel comfortable and valued can only benefit your business.

A lack of care and maintenance of your sanitary waste products in Nairobi by using a sanitary waste disposal bin can create a poor appearance for your organization. Providing products such as sanitary waste disposal bins in Nairobi by a licensed company and sanitary bag dispensers can be a simple solution to creating a more professional image.

At First Class Cleaning Services Nairobi Company, our hygiene sanitary waste disposal bins will help you get the basics right in producing a personalized washroom experience by delivering hygienic and professional equipment alongside a service schedule to suits you.

Why would I need sanitary bins collection disposal company in Nairobi?

It is a legal requirement to provide your company office female clientele or staff with a safe and clean space to dispose of their sanitary waste in Nairobi. It is vital in maintaining a hygienic organization and clean washroom atmosphere.

As an owner of a business or somebody who oversees this area of the
organization, you must follow the sanitary waste disposal Nairobi regulations so that your company fulfils its obligations with:
– The NEMA Act
– The Occupational Health and Safety Act

Do I need to provide Sanitary bins in Nairobi?

Any women that visit your premises whether that be employees or customers, must be provided with sanitary bins by a Nairobi company in safe, accessible and hygienic areas of your washroom.
As well as providing these sanitary bins, The NEMA Act dictates that any sanitary waste must be managed up until the waste has been disposed of. This means that your organisation cannot be responsible for disposing of the sanitary waste in Nairobi. Therefore, only a licenced carrier company of sanitary waste in Nairobi can be responsible for this. At First Class Cleaning Services Nairobi Company we are fully licenced to service your sanitary products and dispose of your sanitary waste in a discreet and hygienic way.

Is sanitary waste hazardous? What are yellow clinical waste bags for?

Sanitary waste is categorised as ‘offensive waste’. ‘Offensive waste’ is non-
clinical waste that is not infectious and does not contain chemical or
pharmaceutical materials. However, ‘offensive waste’ may be unpleasant to anybody who may encounter it.
Municipal offensive waste such as hygiene waste and sanitary protection like nappies and sanitary products have a waste status of non-hazardous.

At First Class Cleaning Services Nairobi Company, we will collect and dispose of your sanitary waste during a service schedule that suits you. We will dispose of the waste using yellow clinical waste bags to ensure that your organisation maintains the highest hygienic standards.

How often do sanitary bins company in Nairobi empty?

This is where the First Class Cleaning Services Nairobi Company service is personalised to you as your sanitary waste disposal in Nairobi will depend on your organisation as we will look at the amount of sanitary waste being produced and the size of the sanitary bins in Nairobi that you have decided to hold at your premises.

At First Class Cleaning Services Nairobi Company we are able to provide a sanitary bin service schedule that suits you whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but our experts will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Our professional technicians will arrive at your site at an agreed upon time, and remove your sanitary waste in scented sanitary waste liners with antimicrobial protection allowing your organisations hygienic standards to remain high.

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