The mini bin’s design mirrors a roadside Wheelie Bin, with an opening lid and working back wheels. The standard units are available with a black base and colored lid in the Kenyan standard waste colors, including Landfill, Recycling, Paper and Organics.

Many leading organizations are implementing centralized recycling stations, which require individuals to transport their own waste from their desk, and then separate it into the various recycling streams. The organizational benefits of such programs in terms of improved recycling yield, reduced waste management and cleaning costs can be considerable, however initially it can be a big change for employees.

The Mini Bin has been used successfully to help assist individuals through such a transition providing a positive focus and overcoming some of their objections to change. Provided to users, the Mini Bin can be used to help collect small desk waste such as lolly and food wrappers for later diversion and is also a fun way to store stationary items such as pens and paper clips.

In an educational context the Mini Bins provide a fun novelty item, perfect for demonstrations, recycling games, and as a giveaway.

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