The industrial cleaner does both, light and heavy janitorial work for industries, such as warehouses, processing plants, and manufacturers. The work of an industrial janitor is different than the janitorial duties in retail outlets, office buildings, schools, and residential buildings because the work in industries are usually performed in unsafe and hazardous conditions, and generally requires specialized machinery, as well as safety equipment. Industrial janitorial work consists of maintaining a clean environment, for the safety of everyone, and their work is usually on a day to day basis in order for the operation of the facility to be continuous.

Experts put emphasis on the work being intensive labor that requires being able to operate washing equipment that is powered by high pressure, the ability to operate industrial trucks, and required physical strength. Depending on the location of the workplace, industrial janitorial work may consist of removing hazardous chemicals, cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining, as well as repairing, machinery and other equipment.

Employer’s will often provide on the job training and/or other safety training. There may be some additional training required if the work is to be performed in an industry where the worker will be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals, such as for learning about the standards that have been developed by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).