To properly clean and sanitize a public restroom, the following are all the steps you need to take.

Place “Wet Floor” Signs Outside the Restroom

This will warn people trying to enter the restroom to prevent a fall. The warning signs here should be placed in a position where people can easily see them. Do not ignore doing it to avoid casualties.

Use Personal Protection Equipment

Gloves, splash googles, and other personal protection equipment must be worn before the cleaning can begin. This will help prevent contact with both germs and harmful chemicals.

Cleaning a public restroom without using any of this personal protection equipment is never a wise decision.

Apply Disinfectants or Sanitizers

This is always the first thing to do once you have entered the restroom. Applying the disinfectant/sanitizer first before the main cleaning will give it enough time to work.

High-touch surfaces like the faucets, handles, sinks, toilets, and urinals must be well applied.

Vacuum/Sweep the Floors

This will help remove small and large debris from the floor surface. While doing that, give attention to the corners of the room and along the walls. It’s easy to miss those places when sweeping and yet the amount of dirt that usually buildup in such there is much.

Restock Supplies

Restock toilet paper, paper towels, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, sanitary napkin bags, and other important supplies needed in the public restroom.

Clean the Toilets and Other Surfaces

Now is time to finish cleaning the toilet and other surfaces you applied the disinfectant on. To do this, ensure you use a solution of detergent and disinfectant. Do not rush this.

While cleaning, give special attention to the stains and hard water buildup in the toilets. Also do the same for the urinals, sinks, toilet seats, and high-touch surfaces in the public restroom.

These are places germs often find very comfortable to live on.

Wash the Walls and Mop the Floor

Starting with the walls, wash them clean using a solution of disinfectant and detergent and a microfiber rag or a soft brush.

You can wash from top to bottom or from bottom to top. But when it comes to rinsing, remember that it must be from top to bottom. Regularly washing the walls of the public restroom will help prevent it from being stained, dirty, and becoming an eyesore.

Once you are done washing the walls, you can start mopping the floor. To mop the floor of the public restroom, begin from the part of the room farthest from the entrance/exit. Also, pay attention to the corners of the room.

After you have finished the first mopping, you can repeat the process using clean water to rinse it. Once you are done with that, ensure that the floor is well dry before removing the “wet floor” warning signs.

Dispose of the trash once you are done with all of that to complete the cleaning.

Inspect the Cleaning

After you have finished cleaning everything you need to clean in the restroom and restocked the supplies, inspect your work. See if everything is the way you want.

If everything is perfect then your cleaning is complete.

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