You can’t expect those looking up to you to tidy up if you don’t do it yourself. If your team sees that you stick to your own rules, they’ll more likely follow them as well. Here is how to go about it;

Set common goals

It’s important to explain why cleaning is important and what it means to each team member. Then, set cleaning goals that all of you will try to achieve.

Create a schedule

This will help you create a cleaning routine and turn this task into a team habit. Also, it will be a great reminder for your entire team when certain chores need to be done.

Consider personal preferences

If any of your team members prefers doing certain chores, such as washing the dishes or dusting, you can assign those tasks to them.

Turn it into a game

For instance, you can plan a team -friendly cleaning competition. Anyone who cleans their room first wins. Don’t forget to reward the winner.

Treat Your Team

You can reward your entire team if you need to tackle a demanding task such as deep cleaning.

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