First Class Cleaning Services Company Nairobi is a professional cleaning service company in Nairobi with a decade plus experience offering cleaning company services in Nairobi to multi nationals cleaning company in Nairobi, private businesses cleaning company in Nairobi , institutions cleaning company in Nairobi, government parastatals cleaning company in Nairobi, non- governmental organizations cleaning company in Nairobi, religious establishments cleaning company in Nairobi, hospitals cleaning company in Nairobi, industries cleaning company in Nairobi, banks cleaning company in Nairobi, schools cleaning company in Nairobi, to mention a few.

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At First Class Cleaning Services Company Nairobi we have built a reputation as a leading provider of commercial cleaning solution Nairobi. Our solutions are designed to solve the mild to heavy dirt management problems that individuals and corporate organizations face in cleaning company in Nairobi.

As one of the best cleaning Services Company in Nairobi near you, we provide professional cleaning company stewards in Nairobi; Fumigation/ pest control cleaning company in Nairobi ; sanitary waste disposal bins cleaning company in Nairobi where our company does collection of sanitary waste bins in Nairobi and toiletries supply.

With First Class Cleaning Services company in Nairobi standards in Nairobi we are professional in all our cleaning services assignments in Nairobi. We also know that a cleaner environment supports a healthier, more productive and profitable lifestyle; that is why our thorough cleaning company service in Nairobi is made to leave you happier and more satisfied.

Our hands-on approach on cleaning office facility in Nairobi, coupled with our experience, our attention to details regarding cleaning in Nairobi and the professionalism exhibited by management, employees and our commitment to customer satisfaction, sets us apart.

Our continuous pursuit of cleaning service perfection in Nairobi has resulted in consistent growth of our cleaning company in Nairobi each year with a staff capacity of 1000+ Nairobi.

Our cleaning service company plan in Nairobi

We will draw up a plan to cater for your specific cleaning service requirements in Nairobi and will work at a time that is most convenient for you and your staff. Your Account Manager will take personal responsibility for the cleaning work at your offices in Nairobi, and will make regular site visits in order to audit the work of our stewards. Your Account Manager will also be contactable by you at any time, and will be keen to meet with you on a regular basis to discuss our cleaning company service work in Nairobi.

Our cleaning service company stewards in Nairobi include:

  • Uniformed and experienced cleaning staff/ uniformed, trained and vetted (well kitted) stewards
  • Backup stewards always on standby
  • Our Personal Management System
  • Provision of all equipment/consumables included in the price
  • A responsible approach to Health & Safety
  • Environmentally aware working practices

Office Janitorial Cleaning Services / Industrial & General Cleaning in Nairobi

We customize our cleaning programs to meet your unique needs and budget. From daily Janitorial Cleaning Services in Nairobi to Post-Construction cleaning. Our team stands ready to clean your building using the finest equipment, the latest techniques and a dedication to excellence and consistently elite service that you would not find anywhere else.

Our Janitorial Cleaning Company Services in Nairobi include:

  • A responsible approach to Health & Safety
  • Provision of all equipment/consumables included in the price
  • Uniformed, trained and experienced janitor staff
  • Backup janitors on standby
  • Our Personal Management System
  • Environmentally aware working practices.

Our Cleaning Company Scope of Work in Nairobi includes:

  • Daily sweeping and mopping of floor
  • Daily cleaning of all surfaces
  • Daily high and low dusting
  • Daily cleaning of furniture and fittings
  • Daily cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting of toilets with routine checks in Nairobi
  • Daily window cleaning
  • Daily vacuuming of carpeted areas
  • Disposal of waste
  • Routine checks and periodic cleaning
  • Daily cleaning of external areas

Cleaning of Tiles, Marble and Terrazo in Nairobi

We carry out professional cleaning, polishing and treatment of various types of hard floors including:



Parquet Floors

Vitrified, and

Terrazo Floors

Odourless Fumigation & Pest Control Company in Nairobi

First Class Cleaning Company Nairobi is a professional Pest Control and Fumigation company in Nairobi, Kenya. We have trained fumigators to reach you and offer professional services.

All chemicals used are eco-friendly and approved by PCPB (Pest Control and Products Board). All relevant Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) procedures are strictly adhered to.

Whether it is a home, office, school, hospital, factory, etc, our goal is to eliminate the causes of pest problems in Nairobi for our customers, rather than just treat the symptoms.

We provide one-time, monthly or quarterly treatments.

Sanitary Bin Services Company in Nairobi

First Class Cleaning Company Nairobi provides professional sanitary bin company service in Nairobi, Kenya. We have trained stewards to reach you and offer professional sanitary bin services in Nairobi.

We follow NEMA guidelines on hygienic disposal of sanitary disposal bin waste in Nairobi, with a variety of pedal sanitary bin and automatic sensor sanitary bin service unit in Nairobi.

Whether it is a office, school, hospital, factory, company etc, our goal is to handle sanitary waste using sanitary bin in Nairobi for our customers, in a professional way.

Do you have any work for First Class Cleaning Service Company in Nairobi? You can contact one of our sales team on and we’ll be more than happy to partner with you.