Studies done have shown that high levels of cleanliness in Nairobi can be correlated to higher levels of productivity in environments such as offices. Therefore, if you are looking forward to greater productivity your Nairobi office, consider making cleaning services changes to your working space. Not sure which cleaning services company in Nairobi will effectively make these changes at such large scales? This is where the professional cleaning services by First Class Cleaning Services Company Nairobi come in.

Aimed at providing you with thorough office cleaning services in Nairobi, our cleaning service company remains unrivalled in the range of quality services it delivers. Be it offices, hotels, warehouses, retail shops, tuition centres, F&B settings, medical facilities, shopping malls, or research establishments, our Nairobi cleaning company services guarantee satisfaction through top-notch cleaning and disinfection standards in Nairobi.

In addition to our contract cleaning company Nairobi services, we also provide professional one-off or regularly scheduled cleaning services in Nairobi. Catering to a range of cleaning needs in Nairobi, we offer our services and expertise for professional carpet shampooing, marble polishing, high dusting, floor scrubbing, upholstery cleaning, air purification, furniture cleaning, sanitary waste disposal bins and high glass cleaning. Since some of these only need to be done on a semi-regular basis, our occasional service option is perfect for individuals who require aid in rectifying, or in this case, cleaning, such complex areas, and materials for a specific reason.

Range of Nairobi Professional Cleaning Services We Offer

Commercial Cleaning Company in Nairobi

Be it offices, restrooms, or external corridors, expert cleaning specialists of First ClassCleaning Services Company Nairobi provide customized cleaning solutions to meet your business needs with minimal disruption to the operations of your company in Nairobi.

Industrial Cleaning in Nairobi

Ensure your industrial facility and production floors are thoroughly maintained to meet workplace safety standards and boost the overall health of staff.

Restaurant Cleaning in Nairobi

Unlike general cleaning, maintaining the cleanliness of the retail food establishments, restaurants and kitchens require professional knowledge and expertise to meet good hygiene practices.

Carpet Cleaning in Nairobi

Did you know that carpets are generally dirtier than a toilet seat? This is because carpets trap dirt, dust, and bacteria easily. Our professional shampooing facilitates disinfection and spot removal of your carpets to ensure a healthier office.

Highrise Facade Cleaning in Nairobi

Remove dust accumulation in hard-to-reach places that may be a health concern for your staff and customers.

Floor Scrubbing/ Waxing

Leave a lasting impression on your customers and guests with spotless floors. No matter how you look at it, clean floors are always important!